May 2019

PRIVATE VIEW OF EXHIBITION "Nino Duccio. Incognito painting"

On May 15, the most mysterious project “Nino Duccio. Incognito painting” by VS unio art gallery was held in Moscow. 

The first guests, artists, and restorers exchanged views on the influence of landscape painting by A. Kuindzhi in the laconic work “Eye” by Nino Duccio presented at the exhibition. Blogger, designer, and model Vladimir Akhapkin emphasized the original effect of the influence of a color spotlight, completely changing the color scheme of work in the spirit of suprematist color painting.

Two canvases of the 19th century “17.19.21.R” and “17.19.21.W” caused the particular interest of the public. Rave reviews were devoted to the artist’s unique idea, which gave new life to works created by time. The multimedia installation was designed specifically for the exhibition. Unlike Duccio's painting, it consists of rhythmic illusions that visually tear the gallery space.

The exhibition is accompanied by the traditional catalog of the VS unio art gallery.

Dates of the exhibition: May 16 - July 20, 2019
Gallery address: Business quarter "ARMA", Nizhniy Susalny per., 5, 5A, - 1st floor.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Admission is free

Drinks by Simple Wine and Italian water San Benedetto from Simple Waters were responsible for the magnificent atmosphere of the evening.

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