February 2019


On February 18, 2019, a private preview of the new experimental exhibition project “Mayer VS Bryukhanov. Creativity as the light passed through the prism” was held at VS unio art gallery. Sergey Bryukhanov in his polyptych “Spectrum” continues to use the language of “color form” that avant-garde artists established in theory and practice. At the same time, the aesthetics of the light-and-white drawing of modernist photography inspired George Mayer to create exquisite photographs of the series “Libido & Mortido”.

A bold exposition of gallery space is a unique experience in the researching of the interaction of abstract painting and figurative photography. There are two zones in the gallery: Mayer (photo) and Bryukhanov (painting). The designers and artists who visited the show noted the conceptual interactive: certain photographs and paintings were connected by an orange word line glowing on the blue floor. This committed unity was highly appreciated by singer Valeria and producer Iosif Prigogine.

 Singer Valeria and producer Iosif Prigogine

A special feature of the exhibition is a dynamic media installation with a real recording steep roller coaster, taken from the passenger position. The actors of the theater and cinema Elena Nesterova, Dmitry Pavlenko and influential art critics of Moscow mentioned the harmony of the effect of the internal immersion of the viewer in high-speed movement.

Viktor Shkulev, George Mayer, Dmitry Pavlenko

Elena Nesterova, Ekaterina Koganova (VS unio)

The exhibition is accompanied by the released double-sided catalog of the art gallery VS unio.

Drinks of SimpleWine were responsible for the great atmosphere of the evening, as well as Italian water San Benedetto from SimpleWaters.

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