March 2020

Private view of exhibition “ALEXANDER RUKAVISHNIKOV. Not only sculpture”

VS unio art gallery is pleased to share news about the private event held on March 16 in honor of an exclusive exhibition dedicated to the works of the sculptor of our time - Alexander Rukavishnikov. The author of numerous monumental works is one of the 30 best sculptors in the world, teacher, he masterfully combines various materials and techniques in art. For the first time in the chamber space of VS unio, paintings and graphic works in a unique author's technique previously unknown to the general public are presented in addition to recognizable sculptural compositions.
There were invited only close friends of the artist related to the art world, including People's Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mashkov. An old friend of The Rukavishnikovs, Vladimir Lvovich, noted that the works he had already seen, were shown in the gallery space with deep love and reverence. The event was also attended by the teacher of Alexander Iulianovich - the honored coach of Russia Alexei Borisovich Sturmin, actor Dmitry Pavlenko, artist Alexander Kupalyan, and director Lidia Ruskova.
The first viewers praised the innovative idea of the multimedia ​​prepared by the gallery team. Alexander Rukavishnikov added a finishing touch to the exposition - an autograph in the center of the exhibition hall.

VS unio invites to appreciate the versatility of the works of a living classic at the exhibition “ALEXANDER RUKAVISHNIKOV. Not only sculpture” in continuation of the previously opened retrospective “Sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov” in the Tretyakov Gallery.

Dates of the exhibition: March 17 -  April 25, 2020
Gallery address: Business quarter "ARMA", Nizhniy Susalny per., 5, 5A, - 1st floor.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Admission is free
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