February 2018

The first solo exhibition in Moscow of Konstantin Lupanov "SENSE OF FREEDOM"

On February 19, the VS unio art gallery presented Konstantin Lupanov's "SENSE OF FREEDOM" solo exhibition which was the debut one for the artist himself. 
Konstantin Lupanov became famous far beyond the borders of the native Krasnodar due to the world wide web. European admirers of the artist's talent came to the opening of the exhibition to be able not only to see more than 20 paintings that were specially written for the exposition of "SENSE OF FREEDOM", but also to personally communicate with their creator.
Konstantin Lupanov belongs to a completely new type of artist of the XXI century, the art practice of whom combines both professionalism and freedom of artistic decision-making. The artist is not afraid to freely use classical materials such as canvas and oil. Moreover, Lupanov work boldly and vividly, preserving a critical attitude to the world around him.

The artworks of Konstantin Lupanov conquer and fascinate the audience, plunging everyone into their own world of bright memories related to carefree childhood or some joyful, pleasant moments or emotions. Paintings radiate light, warmth and kindness. This effect
of "instantaneous immersion" can be visually emphasized due to the technique called "a la prima" (one touch, one stroke) preferable
by the artist. 
The first viewers of the exhibition "SENSE OF FREEDOM" in the art gallery VS unio had an opportunity to see all the genres in which Konstantin Lupanov works: landscape, portrait, still life.

However, the portrait becomes the key element  and the beginning of the creative path for Lupanov.  Through the portrait the artist highlights the inner beauty of a person, his facial expressions and makes an attempt to understand the character in general. 
Observational process and interest to personality pushes the artist to many variations of self-portraits and portraits of relatives in different images and emotional conditions. 
Whichever plot is written, Lupanov always tries to find some "chemistry" connecting the viewer and the plot. The everyday truth in his works is often poeticized and supplemented with notes of irony.

Even a bold sketchy manner with a riot of color makes the eye catch precisely the key details creating the overall impression. 
Within the framework of Lupanov’s personal exhibition, VSunio demonstrated a video installation of an imaginary house the walls of which are decorated with an actual image of the artist referring to his ability to create images bordering on reality. In the windows of the installed village house, Konstantin Lupanov himself gazes ironically playing with the audience such childlike as with colors on his canvases.

The use on natural sounds also created a special atmosphere. The guests of the event from the snowy Moscow was transferred to a warm summer with help of  the sounds of nature: the noise of foliage, the chirping of birds flowing over the gallery. 

The range of color and sound sensations of the viewer was complemented by taste. A pleasant surprise was the presentation of the corporate cocktail "Lupanov", which was specially designed for the VS unio art project by the Grimm bar-confectionery, which is part of the S.I.D.R. Group. Invited guests have a chance to see his works not only in the art space VS unio, but also in the bar-confectionery Grimm (B.Dmitrovka 32).
There, with a Lupanov cocktail or other fabulous set of cocktail and dessert, guests will be able to see the reproduction of the picture "Desert", which is included in the exposition "SENSE OF FREEDOM". 

The Exhibition opened: February 20 - April 6 2018
Adress of gallery: Art gallery VSunio
Business centre “ARMA”, Nizhniy susalniy pereulok, 5, building 5A, -1 floor.
Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00