December 2019

Opening of exhibition "Chiaro e Scuro. The Art of Engraving"

On December 2, the VS unio art gallery hosted the grand opening of the exhibition "Chiaro e Scuro. The Art of Engraving". Presented as part of traditional educational activities, the project brought together about a hundred exhibits, including unique works by A. Durer, D. Piranesi, J. Callot, F. Goya, O. Daumier and works by contemporary engravers. The public saw some of the works of collectors for the first time, others of them have already participated in projects of leading art museums.

Collectors, professional artists, and museum workers, who visited the exhibition, noted the high level of organization of the gallery space, which is thematic zoning using various engraving techniques. Designers especially emphasized the successful exposure solution using glass stands and mirrors.

The first visitors managed to learn not only in theory about engraving techniques and methods of working with the material, but also to observe the process of printing, thanks to the working engraving machine installed in the exposition. In addition, at the exhibition, you can see the original copper and metal baseboards, real lithographic stones and specialized tools. It is worth noting the rare large-format engraving shown at the exposition. A fascinating addition to the exhibition was a video on a widescreen from an engraving workshop. 

Dates of the exhibition:
December 3, 2019 - February 22, 2020
Gallery address: “ARMA” Business Quarter, Nizhny Susalny per., D.5, p. 5A, - 1st floor
Gallery opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Admission is free.