28 June 2019
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11 November 2017
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8 November 2016
Noema Contemporary art has long formed a distinctive hierarchy: the upper level is occupied by curators and critics who define the “general line” of development, they decide what is worth displaying in museums or exhibitions, how much money it is required, etc. And then, the artists, many of whom spend a lot of time on self-interpretation, but hardly anybody is thoughtful of the spectator. In search of unknown meanings the viewer gradually loses his ability to emotional perception of art. Meanwhile, the art is beautiful because of just not having the only true form of expression.
4 February 2016
Art Stage Singapore 2016 This "facile" video is just a small part of an interesting exhibition in a remarkable place.
7 December 2015
Illusions Do not be afraid to attribute particular artists of the past that ideal, which they have never had.