November 2018
December 2018


From November 27 to December 1, Lidia Russkova, a young and daring graduate of New York PACE University, will present her new performance “YOU” to the Moscow public at VS unio gallery. Studying art and film studies, imbued with the spirit of the New York tendencies after numerous internships in galleries and assisting in filming, Lydia came to Moscow with her own call to society and an ideological message - this is how the performance “YOU” was born. This action will be part of the exhibition of the modern Russian artist Alexander Kupalyan "RETURN TO MASTERPIECE". The presented series of works “The Death of Cities” inspired the author to expand the boundaries of the study of the emotional interaction of the viewer with a participant in the action.

The feminist perspective of Lydia Russkova, the director of theater and art projects “She is us” at Omelchenko Galler and “She” at the exhibition “Beauty!” In the Geological Museum is shifting towards a more global view of a person of today who is prone to destruction of her own body and mind.

"Performance" You "- the experience of a person and the outside world, their collision, and transparency of borders. By a simple method, I separate a person from his immediate environment and the foundations that dictate the ways of their coexistence” - says Lydia about her project. The process of staying “behind glass” is an attempt to achieve a unique emotional state that will help prevent self-destruction. The motionless meditation of a performance participant is a protest against the speed of modern life, which impedes the ability to contemplate.

In the work “Black Christ” from the exposition of Alexander Kupalyan’s personal exhibition “RETURN TO MASTERPIECE” Lidia felt a reflection of the trends in the development of modern pop culture and the influence of biblical motifs on the formation of trends. Mass culture is perceived by us mainly through the prism of glass (windows, screens of mobile phones, computers, etc.), shaping our visual and aesthetic preferences, while the same glass separates us from real life. The participant of the performance “behind the glass” as well as the crucified “Black Christ” is on the universal review, naked and defenseless. Particular emphasis is placed on the pale colouring of cloth of a perfomer, which emphasizes the idea of unifying the human body.

The central work at the exhibition of Alexander Kupalyan “Hiroshima: A Form of a New Life” correlates with the dynamics of performance, expressing the chaos of the formation of the idea of a “new life”.

Dates: November 27 - December 1, 2018
Gallery address
: Business Quarter "ARMA", Nizhny Susalny per., 5/5A, - 1 floor
Opening hours of the gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Free entrance.

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