VS unio art gallery


It is too simple for our epoch to limit ourselves with just one style or direction. Only real art created by talented people is capable of awakening both emotional outburst and dreamy charm in your imagination. Only real and talented represent the primary aim of the “VS Unio” gallery.
The “VS Unio” gallery was founded in 2014. Earlier on in its career, with only one office in Paris, the gallery created art projects on foreign platforms (exhibition “Emotions” in “The Museum of contemporary history of Russia” in 2014) and participated in such international art fairs like ArtParisArtFair 2014 – 2015 and ArtStageSingapore 2016. The gallery collaborates with artists, sculptors and designers from different countries, working in completely different styles, and at times, far different styles from each other.
The team of the gallery consists only of professional art historians, architects, designers, artists and managers. This tightly-welded team invented and turned a new site in Moscow's business district “ARMA” into reality to create the most daring and creative projects.