Tiziano Vecellio
Tiziano Vecellio (1488/1490 – 1576, Venice) was an Italian painter and the most important member of the Venetian school in the era of High and Late Renaissance.
Thus Titian, who has decorated Venice, or rather all of Italy and other parts of the world, with superb paintings, deserves to be loved and respected by all artisans and in many ways to be admired and imitated, like those other artisans who have produced and still are producing works worthy of boundless praise, which will endure as long as the memory of illustrious men. Although a large number of artisans studied with Titian, not many of them can truly be called his followers, for he did not teach much, but each one of them learned more or less, according to what they knew how to take from the works Titian executed.”
Giorgio Vasari, 16th century
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