Giannicola di Paolo Manni
Written on the Madonna's dress:
This means:
Health. The Mother of God. Ave Maria. Gracia Plena (attributed to the Virgin)

Giannicola Manni di Paolo was an apprentice of Pietro Perugino, but was also influenced by Raphael.
Pietro Perugino (about 1446 / 52 — 1523) had several followers:
- Giannicola Manni di Paolo (1460 —1544)
- Raphael (1483-1520)
- Eusebio da San Giorgio (1470 — 1550)
- Mariano di Esterio or d'Esterio (1470 — 1527 or 1547)
- Giovanni di Pietro (died in 1529)
- Pompeo Kokki (died after 1552)

"As I said earlier at our meeting, your round picture "Worshiping the Infant Christ" (dia. 90 cm.) belongs directly to the Perugia culture. I believe that there are stylistic characteristics of Giannicola di Paolo Manni, who was an apprentice and intellectual follower of Perugino. His manners are manifested in the color scheme and in the restless movement of accurate folds and hair, which show the master of a new (next) generation that had already been using the technique of the XVI century."
From the correspondence of Mina Gregory and Oscar Bussandri.
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