Antonio Allegri da Correggio
Antonio da Correggio (1489 — 1534), real name Antonio Allegri is an Italian painter of the High Renaissance.
It is believed that painting his works Correggio was deeply influenced by such famous artists as Andrea Mantegna, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo. He worked in Parma and Correggio.
The art of Correggio is dominated by soft and delicate images, full of simplicity, lovely shyness, and inner light.
“…Oh why hadn’t this wonderful nature
Ever showed me Correggio’s works?
So restless passion would not ever cast me
Among Parnassian folks…”
A. S. Pushkin
"The opportunity to study Correggio’s painting gave me the joy of discovering a valuable and unknown work of him. You could call it "Spinsters’ Rest", but even better to say: "Bucolic Carmen", as the real story of this composition is perfectly organized in a small size – this is a very vague, sweet, slightly melancholic feeling of the pastoral and village poetry that expands by gentle breathing over this space; this is the source of the high and fresh inspiration, which has its perfect analogue in Virgil poems.
So I consider this masterpiece as a little jewel, this Correggio’s painting is among his other earliest works closer to the 1512 — 1513, in the time of visions and expressions of a very personal and particularly happy inspiration". Luigi Coletti

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