April 2018

Opening of a solo project "Movement of spaces" of Igor Shirshkov

For the first time in the art gallery VS unio on April 23 was the opening of the personal exhibition "Movement of Spaces" by the artist - architect Igor Shirshkov.
The exposition included about 20 works reflecting the creative search for new artistic forms by Shirshkov.
Experimental art of the author, based on the search for interrelations of form, color and light, came to be interpreted by the guests of the vernissage: architects, designers, actors, artists and businessmen.

Igor Shirshkov, being a teacher, explained to the public the basic principles of his research project, revealing the idea of "art as a science", which he told to the MIR24 television channel.
Creativity of Igor Shirshkov is based on conceptual comprehension of three basic postulates: "form, color, light". These elements are reproduced in the exhibition space of the gallery in various pictorial and spatial expressions, such as painting and graphics.

The emphasis is on light installations, which are a painted tree in combination with LEDs from the "Architectural abstraction" series, where light creates additional space and is an integral part of the works "Structure 17", "Structure of the Universe. Fragment 18 ", etc.
The exposition space, built on color-light solutions, continues the artist's experiments with optics. Thus, the work "Structure 1" is played with the help of a constructed light column of contrasting color, which combines all three elements: shape, color, light.
The theme of the personal exhibition is supported by a video installation created specifically for the project, with modified motifs from the works of Igor Shirshkov.

Dates: April 24 - June 16, 2018
Gallery address: Business quarter "ARMA", Nizhny Susalny per., 5, p. 5A, -1 floor
Opening hours of the gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00