2 December 2019
Opening of exhibition "Chiaro e Scuro. The Art of Engraving" On December 2, the VS unio art gallery hosted the grand opening of the exhibition "Chiaro e Scuro. The Art of Engraving"
2 September 2019
Opening of exhibition "GOOD-BAD" Avdei Ter-Oganyan On September 2, the VS unio gallery hosted the vernissage of the first retrospective exhibition of the legendary Russian artist Avdei Ter-Oganyan after returning him to Russia.
17 May 2019
PRIVATE VIEW OF EXHIBITION "Nino Duccio. Incognito painting"

On May 15, the most mysterious project “Nino Duccio. Incognito painting” by VS unio art gallery was held in Moscow. 

18 February 2019
PRIVATE VIEW OF EXHIBITION "Mayer VS Bryukhanov" On February 18, 2019, a private preview of the new experimental exhibition project “Mayer VS Bryukhanov. Creativity as the light passed through the prism” was held at VS unio art gallery. 
26 November 2018
Performance "YOU" of Lydia Russkova at the exhibition of Alexander Kupalyan November 26 th the new performance "YOU" of the young provocative director Lidia Rousskova was presented at VS Unio art gallery .
17 September 2018
PRIVATE VIEW OF SOLO EXHIBITION "RETURN TO MASTERPIECE" BY ALEXANDER KUPALYAN Оn September 17, 2018, exclusive preview of the first solo exhibition “RETURN TO MASTERPIECE”, series of “The Dead of Cities” by Alexander Kupalyan took place at VS unio art gallery. The guests of vernissage were impressed by monumental painting and spectacular exposition that make an accent on the craftsmanship of painter. 
31 May 2018
"ANTIQUE OF THE FUTURE" on the book festival "RED SQUARE" VS unio art-gallery and Marie Claire (the magazine for businesswoman who goes for self-improvement and innovations, wants to get something new about vogue, beauty, art, science) will present the special project ANTIQUE OF THE FUTURE on the Museum Line as part of the book festival RED SQUARE, which will take place from 31 Mai till 3 June on Red Square.
23 April 2018
Opening of a solo project "Movement of spaces" of Igor Shirshkov For the first time in the art gallery VS unio on April 23 was the opening of the personal exhibition "Movement of Spaces" by the artist - architect Igor Shirshkov.
The exposition included about 20 works reflecting the creative search for new artistic forms by Shirshkov.
9 April 2018
Charity project "Katya Borodulkina. Solo exhibition of the artist" On April 9, VS unio art gallery presented the first charity project "Katya Borodulkina. Solo exhibition of the artist". Katya Borodulkina is a little girl with a complicated medical diagnosis and with the incredible strength of mind. A great desire to create helped to Katya to overcome difficulties
20 February 2018
The first solo exhibition in Moscow of Konstantin Lupanov "SENSE OF FREEDOM" On February 19, the VS unio art gallery presented Konstantin Lupanov's "SENSE OF FREEDOM" solo exhibition which was the debut one for the artist himself. 
Konstantin Lupanov became famous far beyond the borders of the native Krasnodar due to the world wide web.