February 2018
April 2018


VS unio Gallery presents the first solo exhibition in Moscow of the talented contemporary artist Konstantin Lupanov, whose works already gained popularity far beyond the borders of his native city Krasnodar. "SENSE OF FREEDOM" is not a random title of this exhibition. Freedom and looseness in the technique of painting in combination with taste and wit set up any viewer to positive emotions and a good smile after seeing the works of Kostya Lupanov. This is not modern frivolity, but also not the traditional realistic painting. Behind of the imaginary ease of a brushstroke and funny storyline, we can read the hard work of creativity and deeply philosophical sarcasm that he takes from the world around.

"Desert", 2015
All the life the artist devotes to art. The basis of his professionalism was artistic training and, of course, hard work.
At the exhibition will be presented about 20 works by Konstantin Lupanov in different genres. Plots for his paintings the artist searching in the usual everyday episodes of life. All in the painting of Konstantin Lupanov have a characteristic feature - they are all about the artist and all have a stamp of his personality.

The portrait takes a special place in his work, from which he started his artistic career. A lot of his self-portraits and a look inside himself trained a piercing mindfulness to details and to compositional generalizations.
Whatever genre Konstantin Lupanov used to paint - portrait, landscape or still life - everywhere the artist is in search for his place in the world order. At the same time, he has a peculiar irony, expressed in unusual details, thanks to which he shows his ironic perception of the world.

Konstantin Lupanov fills his subjects with a bright emotion, staying in a state of "playing with the canvas." Easy and understandable pictorial language highlights Konstantine Lupanov among other artists of the XXI century. Hooliganism, insolence, self-irony reveal the artist's message and help to depict the everyday truth, using the traditional technique "a la prima" - with bold quick strokes in one session, which shows the connection between traditional art and modern reality. (A. Gerasimov: "He paints as naturally as breathes, a living letter, direct manner, apparent negligence and, at the same time, an absolute, almost Poussin, mathematically accurate composition").
Lupanov has a special ability to create images on the border with reality - it is in these border states that he sees truth and sincerity. There are features of his paintings, where the sketch has incredible completeness and clarity.

The Exhibition opened: February 20 - April 6 2018
Adress of gallery: Art gallery VSunio
Business center “ARMA”, Nizhniy susalniy pereulok, 5, building 5A, -1 floor.
Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00