February 2018
February 2018

"PINK MAGIC" by Olga lomaka

VS unio art gallery in collaboration with FashionPRBuro Communications Agency presents a solo exhibition "Pink Magic" of the russian-british artist Olga Lomaka. The new Pop Art project is devoted to the study of space and existential problems both in the creative and in the social environment. 

The series of installations presented at the exposition is Lomak's first project in this direction: placing sculptural elements in canvas-covered designs, the artist simultaneously works in several planes to transmit the three-dimensional effect. The use of different materials to create works has become a kind of tradition in the author's work, moving from the classical tree in the series of works "Artifacts" to industrial fiberglass. The form and content are also subjected to careful analysis and study, in "Pink Magic" there are no standard solutions, the plane turns into an illusion and acquires volume characteristics due to the introduction of special designs and a game with color.

"Pink Magic" is based on the aesthetics of the famous Italian abstractionist of the mid XX century - Lucio Fontana. The artist and sculptor is known for doing deliberate cuts on the surface of the canvas, searching for another dimension, but already transcendental. Explicit cuts simultaneously conveyed the author's attitude to the act of creating "something" from the emptiness and absoluteness of the canvas, by which he gave the ritual meaning of birth, associating with cosmic infinity; and allowed him to feel the relaxed immorality from the realization of the possibility to go beyond what our visible reality permitted.
The idea of finding the unknown in the understandable everyday forms and things gets interesting development in the project "Pink Magic" and becomes its first basic element. This is a kind of artistic evolution.

The holes in Lomaka's constructions are similar to the cuts of Lucio Fontana's, concealing many magical discoveries. The author continues to improve his communication with the viewer through symbols, fully transferring it from the plane of paintings to three-dimensional space, and offers the audience a vivid artistic game, all of whose participants can be perceived ambiguously, as in the present view of the illusionists. Therefore, the opening in the series of works "Pink Magic" is not just a hole, a gate or a window into another dimension, or a normal cut of a canvas; It is a symbol of sexuality and femininity.

The second important element of the project is the male character of the series of popular films "The Pink Panther", which appears in front of the viewer in the opening of the structure, then above it, or even hides behind it. His full-color sculpture embodies the animus image of the character most famous for the audience. First appeared on the screens in the early 60's, the Pink Panther has long been perceived as a pop icon in the media environment. During this time, phlegmatic, ambitious, constantly falling into various comic situations, but emerging from them as a winner, the non-standard hero fell in love with the audience. And Olga Lomaka accurately grasps his true nature and masculine character, because in the original work of Blake Edwards this animal with an unnatural color already acts as a symbol of a very rare gem of fantasy color - a giant pink diamond that guarantees its owner all spectrum of material goods and satisfaction of any desire, becoming the main means for their reception, and therefore metaphorically has magical properties.
The thoughtful interaction between the main characters in each of the 13 installations reveals new facets of the relationship and the main essence of the artistic project, expressed in the thirteenth work, an installation more than 3.5 meters long called "Infinity".

Developing the discourse on masculine and feminine principles, Lomaka turns the traditional "struggle of the sexes" into a joyful game that brings pleasure to both participants, and puts emphasis on the culmination of their connection with each other, the process of interaction and the magic that is being created at that moment.
In the "Pink Magic" of stereotypes and surrogates, which are full of medial reality, the desire of society to obtain the desired, which moves and life, and art, and culture. The artist not so much appropriates ready-made objects of pop culture, endowing them with existential values, how much the viewer gets the opportunity to look at his own, that is, personal and public desires in order to understand the true meaning of being, the purpose of his existence and the means to achieve them Effective only when merging, tandem, consent and reciprocal interaction of the two fundamental forces of the universe.

Olga Lomaka was born in Russia, she lives and works in London for more than 12 years. In 2015 she graduated from Camberwell College of Arts (London University of Arts). A series of works "Parasites of Consciousness", presented in 2015, was exhibited in London, Erart Gallery, and Kiev, "M17 Contemporary Art Center". After group and solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe and Russia, a landmark presentation of the "Artifacts" project at the Saatchi Gallery (London) in 2016 was held. The works are in private and public collections, among them the Pierre Cardin Foundation.

Olga's corporate identity is an outrageous mix of surrealistic direction and pop art, the use of bright saturated colors, play with the imagination of the audience through famous images.

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