September 2017
November 2017

Gallery's friends


Art gallery VSunio
is pleased to announce the launch of the first annual collective exhibition "Gallery's friends 2017" 

"Friends of the gallery" is an annual artists' gathering with whom our gallery is connected by close friendship for a long time. Given the opening of this exhibition, we are starting a good every year tradition to gather the friends of the gallery, where they will present their best work over the past year, share interesting finds and bright ideas from the creative experiences.

The exhibition is presented the works of such artists who are absolutely not similar to each other in the manner of the work - Konstantin Lupanov, Sergey Bryukhanov, Alexander Gerasimov, Evgeni Zaremba, Yuri German, Igor Shirshkov, Andrey Chernyaev, Artur Yang, Andrey Ketiladze, Taras Levko.

A source of inspiration for the new project was the desire to show a wide range of genres "our authors" is working on. Art gallery VSunio is not limited to a single style or direction in the selection of artists. The only basic principle of its work the creation and promotion of the real and talented art, which is able to find an emotional response in the soul of our visitors. 

Every artist sees and feels the world differently. Every has his own approach to topics and their interpretations. All the authors are very different also as their genres and techniques, every artist leads the narrative in his own inimitable language, in terms of visual lexemes and phonemes of color combinations.

The Exhibition "Gallery's friends"
Opening to the public: September 29, 2017
Art gallery VSunio
Business centre “ARMA”, Nizhniy susalniy pereulok, 5, building 5A, -1 floor