November 2017
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UNIQUENESS. Private collections of Western European painting XIV – XVIII centuries

Francesco Guardi  "Architectural Capriccio with an Arch and Dome" Italy, 1778 year

The exact period of time when people began to develop an interest in such unusual activities as collecting, is unknown. It seems that people have always tried to surround themselves with unusual, rare or simply beautiful things. Any child that finds a piece of coal, chalk, or pencil, tries to capture his beloved and recognizable images: the sun, the tree, the dearest creature.There is an inherent mechanism in a man’s memory for storing the most valuable and precious things he has ever seen. This is the source of our sense of beauty, something we eventually call art. As we get older, we try to collect relevant objects more seriously and consciously, the possession of which brings pleasure and joy. But there are people for whom an ordinary hobby of collecting becomes a passion.Collection of art has always been a rare activity that requires a lot of material, emotional and time investment. So, it is not available to everyone, but rather to only ingenious and unusual personalities.

The works of titans of Western art, such as Bernardo Bellotto, Francesco Guardi, Giovanni Tiepolo, Tiziano Vecellio, Abraham Brueghel and others have been collected for the exposition "UNIQUENESS. Private collections of Western European painting XIV – XVIII centuries”.
A small space of the “VS Unio” private gallery has remarkably collected the names of such great artists who are the pride of the world's leading museums and private collections since years ago.
A significant part of this exhibition was assembled from the collection of Oscar Bussandri. For many centuries, his family has been inextricably tied to art. In the first mention of them they were found as silk producers back to the XV century in the small Italian town Thiene.
This exhibition is designed to emphasize the importance of private collection of art as a cultural activity for the preservation and spreading of artistic values.
Private collection is a truly special cultural phenomenon that embodies both the socio-historical and personal aspects. It is both a reflection of the artistic life of society and the personality of the collector.

The Exhibition "UNIQUENESS. Private collections of Western European painting XIV – XVIII centuries”
Opening to the public: November, 30, 2017 
Art gallery VSunio
Business centre “ARMA”, Nizhniy susalniy pereulok, 5, building 5A, -1 floor