Rosalba Giovanna Carriera
Rosalba Carriera (1675 - 1757) is an Italian painter and miniaturist, one of the main representatives of the Rococo style in art of Italy and France.
Being a Venetian artist, Rosalba Carriera was elected as a member of the “French Royal Academy of Painting". Her art was admired by many European monarchs, as they ordered portraits for themselves. Among the admirers were The Saxon Elector Friedrich August, who later became the King of Poland, Duke Christian Ludwig of Mecklenburg and Frederick IV of Denmark. Rosalba Carriera also painted the portrait for Pierre Crozat who was one of the richest men in France.
She also gave painting lessons to the members of Royal families. Among her students was the daughter of the Emperor, who is better known as the French Empress Maria Theresa.
Rosalba Carriera was acquainted with many famous artists of that time, such as François de Troy, Nicolas de Largillière and Antoine Watteau.
When people speak about Rosalba Carriera they usually mention her as a woman-artist (which is quite rare), who was incredibly popular at the time.

"Half-figure of a young girl with the face turned to the right-side, thus showing it in three quarters, barely delineated with a smile and chest close to the light, partially covered with a blouse falling down, and flowers in her hair, is Rosalba Carriera’s masterpiece. It is a rare oil painting with that delicacy and ease the artist experimented in pastel technique.
The typological and stylistic details confirm that this work was painted by Rosalba Carriera, the representative of a charming Rococo spirit".
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