School of Giovanni Bellini
Giovanni Bellini (1430/33 — 1516) is an Italian painter, representative of the Venetian painting school of the Renaissance.
The artist was widely known for his excellent ability to use oil paints, through which he was able to transmit all the variety of light and color. Bellini featured an impeccable knowledge of the details of the landscape and scenery. His best works were breathtakingly vivid altars and portraits: the altar of San Jobbe, the portrait of the Doge Leonardo Loredano, "The Madonna and the Child and the Six Saints" and others.
Bellini lived a long life, and his work was characterized by extraordinary flexibility: for 60 years of his career, he managed to catch new trends and ideas in painting, adopted them, but at the same time remained true to his own style.
After his "Golden Age of Venice painting", Giovanni Bellini got new followers — Titian, Giorgione, Tintoretto and Veronese.
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