Abraham Brueghel
Abraham Bruegel (1631 — 1697) is an Italian Baroque painter, Flemish by birth, a master of still lifes.
On his long way to an artist career, he began to paint in the studio of his father Jan Bruegel Jr.
At the age of 23, he already became a member of the Antwerp Art Guild. In 1656 he left for Italy, where he lived until the end of his days. He worked in Rome, Messina and Naples.
Abraham Bruegel is considered to be one of the best Naples artists.

"Still Life with Fruit, Flowers and a Parrot", canvas, oil, cm 64 x 80, is the original work of Abraham Brueghel (Antwerp 1631 - Naples 1697).
In his works we can easily recognize the great attention to the magnificent composition associated with the saturation of color, and the thickness of the paint he liked to illustrate objects with. A painstaking creation of small details is amazing. Deeply involved into the creation of still lifes, Abraham Bruegel succeeded to become a true example of a mastery for all the painters in this genre.
Stylistic features of the painting "Still Life with Fruit, Flowers and a Parrot" date back approximately to 1670, when he became a member of the "Academy of St. Luke." It was already a mature period of his creativity, when he finally was able to create bright and rich atmosphere in his works and mastered the perfect composition.
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