Alessandro Bonvicino del Moretto
Alessandro Bonvicino, nicknamed and known as Moretto (between 1490 and 1498, Brescia — December 22, 1554, Brescia) is Italian artist of the High Renaissance. He worked in Brescia, Padua and Venice.
The teachers of the artist were Vincenzo Foppa and Fioravante Ferramola, and experts also mention Titian, Jacopo Palma and Girolamo Romanino among his mentors.
The work of Alexander Bonvichino “Portrait of the Architect” illustrates a man sitting motionless at a table where we see measuring instruments and finished plan of a luxurious lodge.
In this motionless pose, the figure looks like it is stretched with a leaden thread, and the architect seems to us distressed with complexities of the problem and fully concentrated on his own reflections. His face is refined and strain in every line.
This severity of presentation corresponds to the magnificent color, typical for Moretto; the figure appears before us in leaden clothing on a matte-green background.
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